How to Grow Your Email List with the Perfect Opt In Workshop

Learn how to build the perfect Opt In to grow your email list for fitness & wellness Pros in this interactive workshop.

Build Your Opt In Workshop
Tuesday, October 26th 2-4pm ET


We all know the importance of building an email list. 

If we didn’t already know that, then we recently learned that when our social media sites go down there needs to be another way to reach our clients.

We need to have a way to get people off of our social media sites and into our email list. This is important because although we don’t own our social media sites, we do have a better sense of control of our emails. Acquiring email addresses is an important part of marketing your business and something you should make a point of to do daily. 

Your email list is a place where you are able to connect with your audience in a more personal way. You are able to share stories that you may not want to post on a public social media outlet.

In This Workshop You Will Learn How to Build the Perfect Opt In to Grow Your Email List

  • Interactive workshop in which you will receive live feedback and coaching in regards to your perfect opt in and email marketing strategy.
  • You will walk away with a detailed outline of your perfect opt in.
  • Email Marketing Strategies which include specific scripts of what follow up emails to send to your email list.
  • Learn how to attract your ideal client who will buy your programs and services.
  • Understand the technology you need to build the perfect opt in.
  • Marketing tactics on how to get more traffic to your opt in.

About Me

“Hi! I'm Sabrina! I'm a business coach and clinical nutritionist that help entrepreneurs work smarter and have more time for living by creating critical systems that help them make more money without the hustle. ."

— Sabrina Sarabella

Build Your Perfect Opt In

Looking to build you email list then this workshop is for you!

This workshop will take you step by step on how to build your perfect opt in to attract your ideal clients that will want ot boy your program and services.

Don't miss this exclusive interactive workshop and walk away with a way to get more emails immediately.